What is Enduro? Come to Croatia and find out!

They told you “enduro” is an acronym for “endurance”, so you were worried because you had a problem with that? Don’t worry, “enduro” is a much broader term these days and we would translate it as – “pure fun”.

Slightly different fun than most people would imagine. It is based on challenging roads and trails, uphills, downhills, and all of that with a strength of several hundred horses between your legs. We told you, pure fun!

And all this with a view of the beautiful Croatian nature and coast so the experience is truly unforgettable. While you are having that pure fun we take great care of your safety thanks to the highest quality equipment and the best guides, whose knowledge of the trails is remarkable.

Beautiful landscape in Istria
photo by escalation_rider

So, now… We have taken care of absolutely everything and it is up to you to come to us. It is an opportunity to visit Croatia and one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, in a combination with great experience, from which the adrenaline will not drop at any time.

No worries even if you are a beginner, we have special tours for you, just as we have special tours for those with more experience. We also offer a super special experience for professionals, who are in the enduro world like a fish in water, so they are interested in the best possible bike, the terrain, nature, atmosphere, and of course – pure fun.

All you need to worry about is riding a motorcycle from our magnificent fleet and soaking up the beautiful and special landscape around you, that’s why you come to us.

It’s not all, not even close. We offer you the possibility of renting a car from the airports of Pula, Zagreb, and Trieste, and we also have the possibility of receiving group arrivals for up to 40 people, who will be cared for by up to five professional guides. Of course, we also provide accommodation for everyone who does not want to worry about that detail.

See you soon?