November 8, 2022

Which one to choose? We agree – KTM all the way!

The enduro experience depends on the bike the rider chooses. The better quality beast on two wheels means a better experience for everything the track has to offer. More experienced drivers know this very well, but their tastes will vary anyway. We at Enduro Croatia Tour use only KTM force! […]
October 4, 2022

Enduro is an incredible adrenaline adventure! Why? We have it all covered!

People have always loved adventures, primarily because they raise their adrenaline levels, are unpredictable, and stand above everything that otherwise surrounds them. Enduro Croatia offers just that, but also combines the need for adrenaline in one place, one adventure! Speed, power, freedom, independence, nature and a certain dose of danger […]
September 8, 2022

How to Prepare for the Maximum Enduro Experience?

Enduro Croatia is one of the most popular enduro destinations for a reason, but for maximum enjoyment, you need to know some basics. Luckily for you, we are here to discover them and prepare you for an adrenaline-pumping experience! Most importantly, get to know and prepare your bike. Check if […]
September 1, 2022

Autumn offers completely unique type of Enduro adventure!

Summer is coming to an end according to the calendar, but the adventure can continue during autumn! Temperatures will be slightly lower and more tolerable, nature will begin to change its appearance. For enduro lovers this is the time of greatest excitement, so it’s a great moment to take advantage […]
October 5, 2021

What is Enduro? Come to Croatia and find out!

They told you “enduro” is an acronym for “endurance”, so you were worried because you had a problem with that? Don’t worry, “enduro” is a much broader term these days and we would translate it as – “pure fun”.Slightly different fun than most people would imagine. It is based on […]
July 10, 2019
Enduro Croatia Book Now Autumn Tour In Advance


Looking for adventure? Do you like nature and driving in the terrain? Do you want adrenaline? If the answer to these questions is yes, Enduro Croatia is the ideal place for you … Visit the website of Enduro Croatia and book your autumn tour in advance to see beautiful landscapes, […]
November 21, 2018


Enduro Croatia invites all enduro enthusiasts into a real enduro paradise in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of Istria. Our base is near the town of Pazin. We have many routes for all classes from beginner to professional. The route profiles include everything you can imagine: […]
March 21, 2018
Enduro Croatia We Have Place For Enduro Tour In April And May


Are you looking for adventure? Do you like nature and off-road driving? Do you want adrenaline? If the answer to these questions is YES, then is the ideal place for you … Enduro Croatia offers you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes in the midst of wild nature and […]
February 8, 2018
Spring Is Approaching Book Your Dream Enduro Tour With Us!

Spring is approaching: book your dream Enduro tour with us!

Everyone needs a little break from time to time, Enduro Croatia has prepared fantastic new routes for every level of difficulty, from beginner to professional. Crossing various landscape forms, from green pastures, green hills, rivers, mountains with alpine vegetation and rocky peaks to muddy canyons, every enduro rider has the […]
December 11, 2017

Buche deine Endurotour 2018 mit uns

Enduro Croatia lädt alle Enduro Enthusiasten in ein echtes Enduroparadies im Herzen eines der schönsten Gebiete Istriens ein. Unsere Basis liegt nahe der Stadt Pazin und ist aus Wien und Graz in ca. 4-5 Stunden erreichbar. Wir haben viele Strecken für alle Klassen vom Beginner bis zum Profi. Die Streckenprofile […]
December 11, 2017

Book your enduro tour 2018 with us

  Enduro Croatia invites all enduro enthusiasts into a real enduro paradise in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions named Istria. Our base is near the town of Pazin and can be reached from Vienna and Graz in about 4-5 hours. We have many routes for all […]
November 2, 2017


Book now an autumn date for an enduro tour at Enduro-Croatia. Get an unforgettable enduro adventure in Croatia, in the beautiful region of Istria. Bring your friends and enjoy the fun away from work. Enduro Croatia is very flexible in bookings. Simply contact the organizer. No matter if you have […]
August 16, 2017


Now it’s time for an experience for her and her friends.No matter if experienced enduro riders or just beginners, Enduro Croatia hasAlways the right way for you! We offer accommodation with breakfast and dinner in oneHoliday homes at a low price of only 35 euros per person per night! From […]
January 11, 2017

One very funny uphill video

New season comes very fast, book Enduro holiday for you and your friends with us … We have prepared new tracks for you … Super guide and accommodation with top food waiting for you, see enduro tours section and contact us ? Now we have a very funny uphill for […]
December 23, 2016

Book your termin in advance!

Hello Enduro friends! Registration for the next year 2017 is now open! Book your Enduro holiday for you and your friends on time! For any questions regarding our tours, you can send us an e-mail at: Merry Christmas and all the best from Enduro Croatia Team! ?
November 29, 2016

The best backflip this year

Year is almost over and behind us is a super season with lots of fun! You can watch video with the best backflip this year! 🙂 Book your date for next year, send us an email:, and enjoy with us!
October 25, 2016

We have places free from 07.11 until the end of the year!

We have places free from 07.11 until the end of the year! For other dates please send an inquiry! We have 15% discount on motorbike rentals in December and January and February 2017! All-day rental only 110 € (or: 7 hours drive for 110 €) Send us an e-mail with your […]
August 11, 2016

EnduroJokers and Offroad Moto-Parts with Enduro Croatia team

In the spring we super group by the name Enduro Jokers who come together with Offroad-Moto Parts and had super funny 2 days Enduro! Boys did little video for us, so that you can enjoy from your office! 🙂 Thanks guys and we hope to see you soon! All other when you […]
July 15, 2016

Autumn comes fast!

Make your reservation in advance and you can book off-road adventure in Croatia! We have space from Septhember until the end of year! To make a reservation send us your desired arrival and departure date, tell us how many days you want to drive and how many poeple want to […]
October 19, 2015

Enduro Croatia 907 Racing Team

In October we have guys from 907 Racing Team from Austria! Super Tour and loot fun with guys. See more on video here 🙂
October 13, 2015

Winter 20% discount for Enduro tour in Croatia !!!!

For all enduro riders we have special offer! Winter 20% discount for Enduro tour in Croatia !!!! All tours from 01.12.2015 to 31.1.2016 have 20% discount for enduro! Take advantage of this offer and send an e-mail for reservation! 🙂 Enduro Team Croatia
September 14, 2015

Enduro Tour Croatia group from Germany

From 6.9 to 09.13.2015 we have 4 guys from Germany, drive five days Enduro in Croatia! With a loot of fun and beer, Enduro holiday was very nice 🙂 For guys, little video of Enduro adventure in Croatia!
September 7, 2015

Autumn and winter season started with guys from Austria

Erste Group in September was reserved for Funny 3 days Enduro 2 Quad and a KTM. See how that looked like this little video ….
August 24, 2015

Enduro Tours Croatia uphill fail

One of the funniest moments from Enduro tours in Croatia … Uphill but almost … click video link and see 🙂
August 19, 2015

Booking for Enduro in autumn and winter starts!

Hello Enduro friends! Booking for Enduro in autumn and winter started …. Send us an e-mail and make reservation for you and your friends!               The two fastest reservations receive a discount of 10% for Enduro !! Enjoy this video … funny moments with Enduro Croatia! 🙂
August 16, 2015

6 days Hard Enduro in Croatia

Guys from Germany created this video for us … guys been here for 6 days Hard Enduro in Croatia! Thanks Fran Weis! 🙂
April 14, 2015

Adventure Team Semriach with Enduro Croatia

Last week, we have guys from AT Semriach ( Guys really like Enduro in Croatia, they are here for the third time … thank you for that and hope to see you soon … until then a small video made for you 🙂
April 14, 2015

Adventure Team Semriach mit Enduro Croatia

Letzte Woche wir haben Jungs aus AT Semriach ( ) Jungs wirklich wie Enduro in Kroatien,Sie sind hier zum dritten Mal…danke für das und hoffen, Sie bald zu sehen…bis dahin ein kleines video gemacht  für euch 🙂
April 12, 2015

Enduro Tours Croatia April 2015

From 2.4 to 08.04.2015 we have a group from Germany … 9 drivers enjoy 5 days Enduro in Croatia … Watch video with guys in action 🙂
March 25, 2015

Driver from Prague with Enduro Croatia

Last week, we have a visit from guys from Prague in Croatia for enduro tour in our region of Istria. Jiri and Pavel Heinik, Petr, Jan and the other guys were great …. Until next time, enjoy this video made for you… 🙂 [social_icons icon=”facebook” link=””]
March 24, 2015

Enduro Kroatien-jungs aus Austria

Letzte Woche haben wir besuchen von Team aus Reichendorf in der Nähe von Graz. Jungs kommen fur Enduro Touren in Istrien fur 3 Enduro fahrt tage.Große Jungs mit viel Energie! Sie wünschen Hart Enduro… Siehe Video, wenn das ist schwer genug 🙂  
March 24, 2015

Enduro Croatia-guys from Austria

Last week we are visit,guys from the Reichendorf near Graz. Guys come for enduro tour in Istria for 3 Enduro ride days. Great guys with lots of energy! They want Hard Enduro… See video when it’s hard enough… 🙂  
March 20, 2015

Enduro Croatia promo video

Enduro Croatia have new short promo video! Do you like it?
March 10, 2015

Enduro Croatia funny moments

Enduro Croatia funny moments 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂  
February 12, 2015

German doctors attacks!

Enduro is great great way to meet some good poeple and friends ofcourse,and we must say that these guys from Germany are very nice poeple,and of course top drivers 😉 Big thanks to Thomas,Martin,Michael and Karl for very nice 7 days and see you soon! They said that our tracks […]
February 12, 2015

Enduro adventure-Team Semriach Graz

We had a visit from Adventure Team Semriach from Graz and guys are truly enjoyed in our nature,in enduro ride and also we got compliment that the food in Croatia is very tasty. 17 Enduro drivers from Graz have enjoyed three days Enduro ride with our three guides, and we […]
June 26, 2014

6 days Enduro-guys from Switzerland

In June we had a visit from Markus,Thomas and Yves from Zurich in Switzerland! Guys enjoyed six days enduro ride that was fun…a loot of laught, and it is most important for a perfect holiday! They say that the food was excellent, there was no injury and that’s most important. […]