We Can Offer You Up To 20 Enduro Bikes For Rent


Rent A Bike

If you want to attend our Enduro Tour, and you don't have the opportunity to come with your own motorcycle,or coming with a plane, we offer you the possibility of renting one of ours KTM Enduro motorcycles.

We can offer you up to 20 Enduro bikes for rent.
Gas is not included in the price.
Full Kasko for motorcycle is possible and optional (cost 35 euro extra per day) and is highly recommended. In that case any broken parts we don't charge you, our insurance pay everything what is broken.

In case you dont take Kasko insurance you will get KTM to use, but your obligation is to return it in the same condition.

Broken plastic and parts that are broken by your fault you have to pay extra if you didnt book kasko insurance with us

Rental Gear

With a complete service that we offer it is understood that we can offer a complete off-road footwear and clothing.

We offer boots, pants, shirts, guards,goggles, gloves and helmets from our partner O'NEAL.

If you want to rent riding gear from us please tell us your size in email.