August 16, 2015

6 days Hard Enduro in Croatia

Guys from Germany created this video for us … guys been here for 6 days Hard Enduro in Croatia! Thanks Fran Weis! 🙂
April 14, 2015

Adventure Team Semriach with Enduro Croatia

Last week, we have guys from AT Semriach (www.ats03.at) Guys really like Enduro in Croatia, they are here for the third time … thank you for that and hope to see you soon … until then a small video made for you 🙂
April 14, 2015

Adventure Team Semriach mit Enduro Croatia

Letzte Woche wir haben Jungs aus AT Semriach ( www.ats03.at ) Jungs wirklich wie Enduro in Kroatien,Sie sind hier zum dritten Mal…danke für das und hoffen, Sie bald zu sehen…bis dahin ein kleines video gemacht  für euch 🙂
April 12, 2015

Enduro Tours Croatia April 2015

From 2.4 to 08.04.2015 we have a group from Germany … 9 drivers enjoy 5 days Enduro in Croatia … Watch video with guys in action 🙂
March 25, 2015

Driver from Prague with Enduro Croatia

Last week, we have a visit from guys from Prague in Croatia for enduro tour in our region of Istria. Jiri and Pavel Heinik, Petr, Jan and the other guys were great …. Until next time, enjoy this video made for you… 🙂 [social_icons icon=”facebook” link=”https://www.facebook.com/croatia.enduro”]
March 24, 2015

Enduro Kroatien-jungs aus Austria

Letzte Woche haben wir besuchen von Team aus Reichendorf in der Nähe von Graz. Jungs kommen fur Enduro Touren in Istrien fur 3 Enduro fahrt tage.Große Jungs mit viel Energie! Sie wünschen Hart Enduro… Siehe Video, wenn das ist schwer genug 🙂  
March 24, 2015

Enduro Croatia-guys from Austria

Last week we are visit,guys from the Reichendorf near Graz. Guys come for enduro tour in Istria for 3 Enduro ride days. Great guys with lots of energy! They want Hard Enduro… See video when it’s hard enough… 🙂  
March 20, 2015

Enduro Croatia promo video

Enduro Croatia have new short promo video! Do you like it?
March 10, 2015

Enduro Croatia funny moments

Enduro Croatia funny moments 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂  
February 12, 2015

German doctors attacks!

Enduro is great great way to meet some good poeple and friends ofcourse,and we must say that these guys from Germany are very nice poeple,and of course top drivers 😉 Big thanks to Thomas,Martin,Michael and Karl for very nice 7 days and see you soon! They said that our tracks […]