Which one to choose? We agree – KTM all the way!

The enduro experience depends on the bike the rider chooses. The better quality beast on two wheels means a better experience for everything the track has to offer. More experienced drivers know this very well, but their tastes will vary anyway. We at Enduro Croatia Tour use only KTM force!

Usually, bikes made for enduro, especially those designed to be the most competitive, come with a very high maintenance cost. It is because they’ve got quite an intense maintenance schedule.

Take care of your “baby”

Most of the times you’ll need to change the oil and various parts after around 1000 kilometers (or 600 miles), or after a certain, and quite small, number of functioning hours. That includes parts such as an engine’s piston.

At Enduro Croatia, we offer everything in one place, from transportation from the airport, accommodation, food, guides, trails of all kinds to motorcycles. We have 25 of them in our offer, they are all KTM brands, and they were produced between 2020 and 2022, which means they are new.

Austrian company was our choice because we see KTM as a top brand and it is very well known for their enduro motorcycles. So, if you want to attend our Enduro Tour, and you don’t have the opportunity to come with your own motorcycle, or coming with a plane, we offer you the possibility of renting one of ours Enduro motorcycles.
Enduro Tour Croatia
Enduro Croatia Tours

We warn you about KTM…

Of course, with bikes there goes a gear too. With a complete service we can offer a complete off-road footwear and clothing. If you want to rent riding gear from us please tell us your size in an email. We offer boots, pants, shirts, guards, goggles, gloves and helmets.

In the end, every choice you made about most important part of enduro is yours. So, weigh up what matters to you and pick a bike that you love. Pick a bike that you want to wake and ride every morning. It will give you trouble at some point and you need to love it enough. Simple, right?

And don’t forget to test it on our Enduro Croatia trails in beautiful Istria! We are here for you during whole year, during every season. But, we warn you, once you come to us you will want to come back. See ya!