About us

Wanna break from office, away from everyday life - We have the right formula - Enduro Tour in Croatia!


About us

Since established 2011 years “Enduro Croatia” quickly made her way to the top by becoming one of the best off-road operators in Croatia.

We offer you the possibility of arriving by plane to airport Pula(CRO),Zagreb(CRO) and Trieste(ITA) and rent a car to get to our base.

From 2013 when Croatia entered the European Union the door opened even more for all lovers of Enduro and off road sport so now you can very easily enjoy the beautiful terrain that Croatia offers.

The mild Mediterranean climate of Istria, convenient location, the awareness of environmental protection and nature conservation, has made this area a real small paradise for all off-road enthusiasts.
View is splendid diversity of white-distant mountains, beautiful green fields,valleys and coast,vineyards and olive groves,and our favorite… sky blue Adriatic Sea.

As you get to off road nature,you will be astonished with its every detail, but of course fantastic off road tracks is that what we have for you!
Everything is warm-hearted and friendly,the nature,towns and people.Crystal blue sea, refreshing green forests, beautiful landscapes … it’s all Istria.

We have prepared a beautiful tracks whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere with our experienced guides who will respond to your every request.

We can at the same time accept up to 40 people who will be divided into 4-5 smaller groups with 4-5 guides.

You can contact us and book your appointment for off road driving at any time of the year!

Why Choose us:

  • Perfect weather without snow and great clime through all year
  • Very nice prices with top-class service
  • Paths suited to your needs whether you are a beginner or pro
  • Possibility of arrival with family (Perfect mix of sea and off road driving)
  • Accommodation is only 10 km from the sea
  • You can participate with your own or rented bike

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