Here are some basic rules when you are participate in guided enduro tour with Enduro Croatia.

Here are some basic rules when you are participating in a guided enduro tour with Enduro Croatia. Failure to follow these rules or if you compromise personal individual safety or safety of any other member of the group, results in immediate suspension of the participant from the Enduro tour.

  • Do not overtake the Tour Guide, and always drive the Tour Guide line, always look for your friends behind you and wait for them if they are slower.
  • Respect traffic rules, respect guides and local speed limits.
  • Respect the instructions and decisions of the Tour Guide.
  • We don’t want to upset the locals so we ask that you particularly observe the speed limits in towns and villages, after all we live here and you might want to come back.
  • DRIVE SLOWLY in residential areas and respect the local population.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the Tour stages.
  • Please make sure your motorcycles are full with gas every day before the tour, rental KTMs will be tanked from our side.
  • Please bring spare innertubes, tyre levers, pump etc if your motorcycle has tyres with tubes.
  • Please bring some tools to repair motorcycles with you.
  • Please bring 2T oil in the case that your motorcycle can not withstand a full day on a single tank.
  • If an accident occurs we may have to suspend the ride or take action to help the injured guest. We will provide transportation for the injured from the accident site to the accommodation, in case
  • the injured guest needs to be transported to the hospital, we charge 50 Euros extra on price for transport to our hospital which is 45 km from your accommodation.
  • In case your team has booked an enduro day, and you decided to take a rest day and not drive you still have to pay the same price as your colleagues.If you book house and enduro tour, and you need to go home or quit tour for any reason, or if you get injured, you must pay full price as reserved.
  • Enduro start is from 10:00, lunch is organized by Enduro Croatia and the schedule is from ca 13:00-14:00,in case that you don’t want lunch please tell the guide before start. You can finish your endure tour depending on your condition and in agreement with the guide, last hour to finish is 17:00