Enduro is not a motocross! Did you know it? Well, do you know these facts?

Enduro tours

Enduro tours

Enduro motorcycles exist for more than a hundred years. They first appeared around 1913 in Carlisle, England, and today they have become a way of life. In Enduro Croatia, we recognized this and offered enthusiasts everything in one place. All with the aim of completely indulging in pleasures.

We have already dealt with the topic of enduro motorcycles on our blog, we also dealt with tips for beginners as well as more experienced ones. But now it’s time to dig a little deeper and take a more detailed look at motorcycles through things you probably didn’t know about them. Why? Because enduro and motocross are often mixed up. There are significant differences.

Although there are different brands, in Enduro Croatia the choice fell on KTM, whose fleet of twentyish new motorcycles adorns our garages and is available to riders.

Of course, you won’t go wrong with any other sound brand, but KTM got under our skin. The only thing you must keep in mind is not to make a mistake with your first purchase. So read carefully what we have to say in this text, and don’t hesitate to read the others on our site.

Enduro tours

They’re inspired by MX bikes but are not the same

Enduro races are long-distance, so the bikes are often equipped with oversize gas tanks along with engines that have been finely tuned for longevity. They have the same suspension as a motocross bike, but the other components are heavier and more durable when compared.

Some Enduro motorcycles are street legal

Headlights and quiet mufflers are the key features that are necessary to make these bikes legal to drive on public roadways.

Enduro isn’t a brand, but it’s made by several different manufacturers

As we said – KTM is our choice. But there are Yamaha, Suzuki, AJP, ATK, Beta, CCM, Fanatic, Bultaco, Hodaka, Gas Gas, Husaberg, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Indian, Montesa, Suzuki, Ossa, Sherco, SWM…

Enduro motorcycles have been around for more than 100 years

The first enduro-type motorcycles appeared on the scene in 1913 at the International Six-Day Trial which was held in Carlisle, England. The name of this race was later changed to the International Six-Day Enduro.

Enduro tours

Enduro Motorcycles are modified to take on crazy terrain

The design of an Enduro motorcycle departs from any other type because these bikes are often called upon to navigate in between trees or brush in off-road competitions. This is why the handlebars are narrower because it makes it easier for the riders to move in and out of tree and brush groves that are often a tight fit.

Enduro Motorcycles have strict requirements for road use

Before it’s legal to take your Enduro motorcycle on the road, registration is required. But, not all countries in the world allow enduro bikes to be registered for use on the highway, unless specific alterations are made to bring them into compliance with local laws and regulations which may vary from one country to another.