Enduro tours

-Enduro tour with us is possible also if you dont have drivers licence

Summer enduro tours are also possible with us!

-Send us email with desired arrival and departure date we will send you offer

-If you are coming from long distance is possible to come with flight to one from ours airport:

                                               PULA (Croatia) 40 km from us,

                                               TRIESTE (Italy) 80 km from us

                                               ZAGREB (Croatia) 200 km from us

Rental KTM-s are available: 3.4.2018-2.5.2018 and 3.5-9.5.2018 and 20.5-2.6.2018 and 8.6.-31.8.2018

Istria is one of the most prominent areas for off road driving due to its perfect ratio of hilly terrain, various types of land, drained streams, wetlands and forests. Climate in Istria is very suitable for driving in all seasons, and is therefore highly prized among fans of enduro ride.

Enduro Croatia offers enduro tours in Istria with a professional guide who will take you through the heart of Istria,with the path you choose!
This means that we have a trail for beginners, and for
professionals! We adapt to your abilities!

We’re the perfect location for the whole family, because while you’re driving Enduro your wife and children can enjoy clean nature and go to the beach.

Send us an email with your desired date and number of people, and we will respond to you as soon as possible!

Enduro tour includes :

  • ride enduro trails from 10.00 hour to cca. 17.00 hour with professional guide,adjusted to your preference and requirement

  • Enduro start is always directly from your accommodation

  • Support vehicle will join you the whole enduro tour in the places were can go and will carry your luggage, spare parts,gas,food,water and some tools in the event of some problems!

  • If you have problem with your motorcycle and this can not be solved on the spot, our escort takes your bike on repair and we give you replacement rent a bike to use if you want!

  • pressure washer to wash your motorcycle at the end of the day, and save it for the next day

  • Garage for enduro bikes

  • Souvenir for every enduro rider

Depending on availability,you will be accommodated and have meals in one of our tourist holiday houses! They are 10 km from sea with WI-FI and with all you need inside!

Enduro price list (with your own bike) :

  • Enduro tour with guide: (for 3 person) 75 euro per person per day

  • Enduro tour with guide: (for 4 person) 55 euro per person per day

  • Enduro tour with guide: (for 5-9 person) 50 euro per person per day

  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner included **** 35 euro per person per day



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